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The field of Hair Transplant has seen a steep growth in the last two decades as the only effective and permanent solution for people suffering from balding and hair loss. Unfortunately the increasing demand has led to the creation of unprofessional cheap centers, which pry, on the suffering of uninformed patients.

Amongst the most popular destinations for hair transplant in the world Turkey has been probably the first one. The sad part is that as much as you have professional medical clinics, you have commercial unethical centers whose sole aim is profit. This is not to be cynical but it’s an undisputed truth from someone who is not working in the field but has been observing it for many years.

Based on personal experience, and from someone who was not able to find a neutral rating site online, I decided to start this ranking site with some technical help from colleagues. The idea of it is very simple, it basically hopes to serve work as a helpful resource or guide for people who are thinking about hair transplant. And we highly welcome all opinions on our listings.

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