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If you’re considering to undergo a hair transplant surgery that means you are very eager to reap the most optimum results with the least defects possible.
FUE hair transplant in Turkey is the safest and most effective technique used in hair transplantation which is proved by the successful results yielded. It is the most widespread technique utilized in hair transplantation characterized by short recovery period and linear scarring. The principle of the FUE hair transplant technique is centred on detaching hair follicles from the safe donor harvesting site one by one and transferring them into the receiving site that needs to be transplanted. The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia which means the patient is awake and conscious during the entire procedure and can interact normally with the surgeon and medical team. The first step is to shave the hair. After that the area is sterilized and local anaesthesia takes place. The second step is the graft extraction which is done by using a specialized tool specifically designed for extraction. The device has different punches with different diameters according to the size and structure of the hair follicles. After that, the extracted hair follicles are sorted and set aside for later use. Now it is time for creating accurate incisions that corresponds with the size of the grafts. Finally, the grafts are placed into the incisions. And we conclude by saying that obtaining the looks you’ve always longed for is not hard to achieve and it’s is within reach. All you have to do is to take your time and seek for the best surgeon that will help you reunite with your dream looks.

Expert Hair Transplant

$2800 $3500

Expert Hair Transplant has performed well over 20,000 hair transplant surgeries combined. That

Location: Istanbul, TurkeyWebsite: www.experthairtransplant.comPhone: +90 530 133 8070

Avrupa Saç Ekimi

$1750 $2500

Avrupa Sac Ekimi Hair Transplant Center   Table of Contents Avrupa Sac Ekimi Hair Transplant

Location: Turkey – Istanbul – Beylikdüzü Bauhaus arkası Mevlana Mah. Sultan Ahmet Cad. No: 9Website: https://avrupasacekimi.com/Phone: +90 530 341 2525

ASMED - Dr. Koray Erdogan

$2300 $2500

Our aim is to meet your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction by

Location: Istanbul, TurkeyWebsite: www.asmed.com.trPhone: +90 2164641111

TransMed Klinik

$1800 $2500

Transmed was founded in Istanbul in February, 1994 by Dr. Melike Külahçı as an international medical

Location: Istanbul, TurkeyWebsite: https://www.transmed.com.tr/Phone: +90 212 281 13 00


$5 $10

Achieving the best results with hair transplantation involves not only top-notch professional work

Location: Kemer/Antalya, TurkeyWebsite: https://www.getfue.com/Phone: +44 203 393 6509

Dr. Hakan Doganay


Dr Hakan DOGANAY has been doing hair tranplantation (HT) since 2002. Doctor Hakan Doganay first

Location: Antalya, TurkeyWebsite: http://hakandoganaysacekimi.com/Phone: +90 532 313 41 98