Rating System

This is a non-profit endeavor, which has purely informative aims. The criteria by which clinics are ranked on this website are mainly:

Professionalism: Professionalism here refers to a few points for example is the clinic performing the operation legally under the direct supervision of a Plastic surgeon or dermatologist? Does it respect all the conditions and sterilization necessary for such intervention? Does it take all precautionary measures to avoid at all costs in failures of the transplant?

Results: We assess if the clinic is able to deliver to the patient the desired outcome and the satisfaction they are seeking.

Patient relations: We believe that the patient should be treated with care, patience and respect, not just like a customer in a bank or insurance office. A medical patient may be scared or worried and so should be reassured and cared for accordingly.


Price: We aim here is to find you the best price + quality ratio. We try to bring you the most professional service at the best price possible.

Rating System